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Tammy and the T-Rex

After his second film, Paul Walker just came back to the big screen after 7years, in 1994 at age 21, but this time was different, Paul Walker would be the protagonist in a film called Tammy and the T-Rex, his character was Michael.

In this movie, Michael and Tammy were secondary school students, who love each other, but Tammy had a violent relationship with a bully named Billy.

An afternoon, Michael beats Billy, because Billy force Tammy to date him but Billy with the help of some friends captures Michael and realese he into the wild animal park, where the lions were loose, a lion attacked Michael and he falls into a coma is taken to hospital where his uncle, who is always drunk iswatching him. Dr. Wachenstein and his assistant Helga declare Michaeldead, in order to use your brain in a dinosaur mechanic who created the Doctor.

After the brain has been installed, Michael fled the doctor with the body of adinosaur and planned revenge against Billy and his friends and finds his beloved Tammy, who recognizes, however Dr. Wachenstein is chasing him, because he wants to its creation back, this leads to a chase scenewhere Michael ends up killing the doctor. Police attack the dinosaur andeventually destroy it. Tammy can restore the brain of Michael, takes him home and through a strategy and medical informatics, connects the brain to the computer, speakers and camera which allowed Michael to review his beloved, until they found a body for Michael, adopted this system.

In this film, Paul Walker became more known, because he was the protagonist, so the opportunities began to appear in his life of actor.

Some pictures of the movie:

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